Diagramming Based on
an Open Repository of Prototype Structures
Some Elements:
Diagrams (clickable):

Contents of the repository: handle-equipped visual elements ; kits.

Make a diagram interactively from these elements and kits in the or build one with code via the

Any JavaScripter can contribute elements and kits. All contents are accessible from the user interface.

Technology: ProtoPedia emerges from a new technical foundation: a variety of JavaScript component which encodes prototype structure. Details

Practical capabilities: Prototype structure is exposed in the user interface. The scheme supports replacing parts of any item with functionally equivalent elements in the repository via prototype swapping. A swap sequence:

Hybrid construction: Diagrams can be built in the user interface, by code, or from data, and then extended and modified in the interface.

Open source foundation. The core of the system, including the implementation of prototype trees, and their graphical realization via SVG, is freely available under the MIT license. Here is its GitHub repository.

Send comments and bug reports to sys@protopedia.org, or record them here