Beta Test

Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Scope: The objective is to test 1) the user interface, 2) building diagrams from data, and 3) building diagrams in code. Input on any one of these areas will be much appreciated, so programming skills are helpful for the test but not required.

The ProtoPedia user interface is intended for use with web browsers running on PCs or Macs, not pads or phones (diagrams will show up on the latter, however). Accordingly, this test should be carried out on a PC or Mac. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are supported, but Safari is not.

Extension of the reposititory by adding new visual elements and diagram types will be left for a later phase of testing.

Suggested testing approach:

  1. Contact us any time with questions or comments at If you like, introduce yourself before starting the test.
  2. Sign in/register (the options are to sign in with your Google, Twitter, Facebook, or GitHub account, or with email and password)
  3. Go through the tutorial, and follow all suggestions to "try this".
  4. When signed in, make a diagram (as simple as you like - just a few circles for example) and then save it. Also save it as SVG. In doing so, you will be using ProtoPedia's file explorer. Try other operations : open, create folder, delete.

    For those comfortable with JSON:

  5. Build the simple diagram pictured below from data. Start with a blank canvas, drag in the graph seed from the "diagram types" tab in the catalog, save as your own item, and then modify/rebuild-from data until you've got what you want.
  6. JavaScript programmers, produce the diagram just below. All arrows should share one prototype, and so should all circles.
  7. Looking at example code should be sufficient - no need to read the whole coding guide.

  8. Producing this meander is only slightly more work:
  9. Note that once something has been produced by code it (or data) can be saved as an item and then modified in the UI, yielding in a half-minute, for example:
  10. Play around! Build any diagrams that you might find interesting. Include images and text.

These kinds of reports will be useful: 1) Bugs encountered (of course) 2) Points of confusion or difficulty: a) in functionality b) in documentation. 3) Suggested enhancements. Please include your ProtoPedia user name in any communications.

Again, please send reports and questions to

Many Thanks!