The Idea

A prototype tree is a new kind of JavaScript component which is well suited for representing diagrams. So represented, diagrams are manipulated via operations on their underlying prototype structure. Much flexibility results, particularly in swapping out elements for others with equivalent functionality. ProtoPedia includes both a UI and an API; diagrams produced by code can be manipulated in the UI, and vice-versa.

(Prototypes are fundamental to JavaScript, but you don't need to be a programmer to understand them, nor to use ProtoPedia. Here is a programming-free explanation.)

ProtoPedia is an open platform in a sense that goes beyond being open source, which it is. A cloud programming environment is provided to allow JavaScript programmers anywhere to add their own content (visual elements and diagram types) for use by non-programmers, without disturbing the underlying code base.

So, ProtoPedia serves as a compendium of prototype trees from which anyone can draw without restriction, and to which any JavaScript programmer can contribute. It also exposes the prototype realm to non-programmers, and thus serves the function of Paideia - the transmission of an idea.